Online Bill Pay

On this website, we tend to are aiming to discuss online bill pay. Here you’ll find the complete guide on online bill pay, in which we give a brief on how you can instantly pay your bills online by staying at home without any difficulty.

Paying bills online is relatively easy nowadays. Everyone has a smartphone in which everything is accessible through the internet. And with the help of internet banking or several other bill-paying sites, make that stuff very easy.

Here are the following types of online bill payment that we could help you:

Energy Bill Payment

Credit Card Payment

How To Pay Bills Online

You can quickly pay your bills online by following the below method. The method works for most billers, including Credit Cards companies, Energy payments, Utility bills, and any other recurring payment.

  • First of all, visit the corporate website that you would like to create the payment. For instance, if you would like to pay Duke Energy bills, then visit their official website and sign up to manage your account.

  • Then you’ll see the choice that says “Bill Pay.”

  • Click on the option, and you’ll get to select your services for that you are getting to pay.

  • Now you ought to notice the relevant info and payment page would open.

  • Choose your preferred payment method, and voila! You have successfully made payment. You will get a receipt directly in your email address registered with the company.

You can use the above method for the following services:

  1. Phone Recharge and Payments

  2. Electricity Bill Payments Online

  3. Gas payments

  4. Water payments

  5. Loan payments